Assignment 1 – Landing Page

Web Development for Marketers Assignment 1

Landing Page: Jill’s Table

Background: Jill’s Table, the kitchenware and specialty food store in London, Ontario (Canada), had been a culinary destination for foodies, chefs, Food Network aficionados, and customers seeking expert advice and the latest cutting-edge products for their kitchens. Having built a business with one-on-one relationships in a brick-and-mortar storefront, how would Jill’s Table translate the personal connection to its customers from traditional commerce to e-commerce?


Goal: Expand Jill’s Table online customers without losing the connection to its devoted in-store customers.

Method and execution: Create a landing page that will operate independently from the main website to funnel leads for new subscribers to Jill’s Table promotional newsletter while retaining the customer base using Hubspot marketing tools.

Watch videos on creating landing pages through the HubSpot partner playlist:
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Reference: HubSpot Landing Page Knowledge Base

Read How to create an effective Call to Action (CTA) from our partner HubSpot:

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Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing from our partner HubSpot:

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Copyright-free photography: 

Evaluation: The landing page should include the following:

  • One HubSpot template page
  • Offer description
  • Two paragraphs of compelling content
  • One or two high-quality images
  • Call to action
  • Form to collect name and email
  • Button to subscribe

Submission: Include the direct website link to the HubSpot landing page in the assignment submission in Canvas.


Minimum RequirementsAll requirements met

10 points
Most requirements met

5 points
No requirements met

0 points
Quality of ContentContent is accurately described, product images are of high quality, and the body copy is compelling.

10 points
Content describes the product, but either the images are low quality or the body copy is not compelling.
5 points
Content is not accurate, images are lacking in amount or quality, and the body copy lacks interest.

0 points